Friday, November 16, 2012

Treadwell Elementary PTA Is Not Playing OR Treadwell Elementary PTA Circulates Petition

The objections to the ASD's targeting of Memphis schools continue.

A #furiousparent commenter let me know that the Treadwell Elementary PTA has initiated a petition, and they've already got more than 150 signatures.

Apparently at last night's unpublicized meeting at Treadwell Elementary, Achievement School District Superintendent had some difficulty setting an open and inclusive tone.  #furiousparent writes that Mr. Barbic started off the meeting by saying that he already knew about Treadwell's well-respected dual language program, and that he didn't want 15 people at the microphone to tell him how great it is.

Parents and teachers, don't be afraid of having to repeat yourselves in situations where it's unclear if you are being heard or not.

Here's the link to the petition, if you're interested in signing the petition.  Looks like the signees are mostly Treadwell parents and teachers.

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  1. Check out AspirePublicSchools ‏@aspire latest comment on Twitter they are still not informing the people has a whole had someone send this to me