Behind the Headlines - Local Discussions

One of the great services offered by our local Public Broadcast Service television station, WKNO, is a weekly news roundtable hosted by Eric Barnes, the publisher of Memphis Daily News.

Behind the Headlines airs Friday evenings at 7 p.m. on Channel 10. The reporters regularly change, but regulars are Bill Dries from the Memphis Daily News and Jackson Baker from the Memphis Flyer. The summarize recent events, but also ask questions of the guests.

Here are School Board Commissioner Chris Caldwell and State Senator Brian Kelsey from a January episode discussing Governor Haslam's voucher proposal and school issues.

Very interesting discussion from February 15, 2013 with School Board Chair Billy Orgel and Commissioners David Reaves and Tomeka Hart on how things are moving along.

As of Wednesday, February 27, we're still waiting on the video of the interview with ASD Superintendent Chris Barbic to be posted.  However, a transcript of the interview is available here.

This kind of local programming on its own is a good reason to contribute to public television.

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