Monday, November 26, 2012

Dr. Cash Meets His Deadline to List Schools to be Closed

After School Board Commissioner Tomeka Hart put him on the spot last week, MCS Superintendent Kriner Cash agreed to release the list of schools he would recommend for closure today - in advance of Thursday's meeting on the TPC's Recommendation #113 to close at least 20 schools.

Dr. Cash is recommending that six schools be closed, five elementary and one middle:  Coro Lake, White's Chapel, Orleans, Norris and Gordon elementary schools, and Humes Middle School. 

The first thing that immediately raises a red flag for me is that the list includes Gordon Elementary, a school operating at over 90% capacity.  The TPC's recommendations were based on under-enrollment, but Dr. Cash must be using a different threshold.  Odd.

There is already some confusion between some state legislators and the mayor's office - with the state legislators claiming that Dr. Cash has assembled the list on his own without input from Memphis officials, and a summary of Housing and Community Development Director Robert Lipscomb's direct involvement with Dr. Cash on this issue.  Strange.

This is an important issue that will have objections from all corners - it's important that those objecting keep their credibility and get on the same page, at least where the facts are concerned.

Commercial Appeal reporter Michael Kelley did a good job getting this story up quickly. 

Anybody who is interested in attending the Thursday meeting on this issue should double check the time - the plan had been to begin the meeting earlier than usual, but the article lists the start time as the usual start time (5:30 p.m.).

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