Saturday, November 10, 2012

Kudos to Charlie McVean

Here's a beautiful article about Charlie McVean, a prominent local commodities trader (and fan of horse racing) who is working to make things better in Memphis.

He founded Peer Power, an organization which
1.  Hires smart local students
2.  At a good wage (up to $10.50/hour)
3.  To tutor their peers
4.  At their schools

Mr. McVean is expanding his program outside of Memphis, after seven successful years at various MCS schools.  Ms. Roberts writes, "Peer Power started at [Whitehaven High School] in 2007, two years after McVean funded the first chapter at East. That spring, WHS algebra scores jumped 16 percentage points to 84 percent, still a meteoric rise for principal Vincent Hunter."

Excellent work, Mr. McVean.  Thanks for caring about your alma mater, East High School, and the students that now attend it.  Good work, MCS, for taking on Peer Power when it was a fledgling local partner. 

Love to see a story like this.

Here's more information about the Peer Power Foundation.

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