Who I'm Reading

For local news, I read the Big Three print sources:
The Commercial Appeal
The Memphis Flyer
The Daily News

The CA has three education writers:  Michael Kelley, Jane Roberts, and Zach McMillin.  The Flyer has Jackson Baker and John Branston.  The Daily News has Bill Dries.  All of them are more than competent.  I have the least quibble with Kelley, Baker & Branston, and Dries.  They all know each other, they're often reporting on the same meetings, and I'm grateful for their slightly different perspectives.

There used to be a sort-of-blog on the CA website (something like Eye on Education).  It doesn't seem to still be in operation, but they do have a composite page Schools in Transition with recent articles and relevant documents (court pleadings, court orders, various presentations).

For national blogs, Professor Diane Ravitch is setting the high water mark.  Former TFA Corps Member Gary Rubinstein has explained the problems of value-added models better than anyone else I've read so far, and has strong commentary.  G.F. Brandenburg is good stuff (a retired math teacher), and famous for "outing" Michelle Rhee's actual classroom results.  Be sure to check out Schools Matter, with Tennessee expert contributor, Dr. Jim Horn. 

For Tennessee education blogs, I've recently found The Tennessee Education Report.  These guys are doing great work.  Also worth checking out Standing Together 4 Strong Community Schools in their efforts against vouchers and a state charter school authorizer.

I enjoy browsing the bloggers on Teach For Us for their optimism and comic relief.  Teach For Us is a host for TFA Corps member and alum bloggers, and they have everyone from their brand-spanking-new 5-week trained "teachers" to true-believer alums to Gary Rubinstein.

Nationally, I routintely check the HuffPo Education Section and the WaPo Education Section.  The WaPo Higher Ed Section is good stuff, too, though not usually featured on this blog.

I periodically touch base with Sarah Dillard, a BCGer that managed the TPC HR Committee.  She's super-sharp, but I disagree with much of what came out of that committee. 

Among the teacher bloggers I touch base with from time to time are Ms. Katie and Be.Lathram.  As of January 5, 2013, I'm aware of a blog focused specifically on Tennessee public education issues:  Standing Together for Strong Community Schools.  Please let me know of other interesting writers as you come across them.

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