Friday, November 16, 2012

Is BCG Back in Memphis?

A friend of mine who attended the School Board meeting last night swears up and down that she saw one of the Boston Consulting Group's consultants at the School Board meeting last night.

At the September School Board meeting, the Board briefly discussed whether to issue an RFP in order to hire a management consultant.  As I recall, no decision was made.  At that meeting, Dr. Tim Setterlund stated that even though a management consultant would cost millions of dollars (at least five million dollars), he was certain that the funds could be raised from local philanthropists.

No RFP was issued.  But BCG is here?  How?  Are they working for the district?  In what capacity?  And who's bankrolling it?  And with no public discussion?

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  1. These are exerpts from emails I received from the Transition Steering Committee:

    Oct 15: "With both districts observing some Fall Break time last week, TSC members met on two conference calls to conduct business. The first call was to discuss proposals by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and The Parthenon Group regarding merger support. TSC members voted to request more information from each firm regarding their proposals, especially with regard to what each could support in the next three months."
    Nov 5: "* Given the daily demands of running two large districts, the Board approves consulting support for project management and technical assistance to facilitate specific issues associated with the merger (e.g., developing one salary scale for all employees of the new district, enrollment projections per the Multiple Achievement Paths model); this support will be funded by community partners."

    So it looks like they HAVE engaged BCG without discussing it in a Board meeting.