Thursday, June 27, 2013

Movement Against Huffman

Earlier this week, I drew attention to a petition to remove Department of Education Commissioner Kevin Huffman from his position.  I didn't mention it before, but be careful on - only sign the petition you intended to sign.  A number of people have found that they signed seemingly-innocuous petitions in favor of changes in public education, only to find that they are now counted as members in Michelle Rhee's astro-turf organization, with no way to get off of her "list".

Now, a few days later, there's also a Facebook page where Tennesseans are airing their grievances on Commissioner Huffman's experimental policies.

UPDATE:  There are TWO facebook pages mobilizing against Commissioner Huffman:

And they are showing up as a sponsored ad and sponsored page in my facebook feed.  Interesting - someone's putting some money into this thing.

Is this thing gathering a head of steam?  Even if it did, is Governor Haslam engaged enough to care?

Let's at least make him notice.

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