Saturday, December 29, 2012

Teacher Blogger: Ms. Katie

Allow me to introduce you to Ms. Katie, fighting on the rear front in a children's psychiatric hospital in Chicago - teaching children who have fallen out of the reformtastic public education system in Chicago.

Here's a link to a moving post:  where she writes:

"All that reform has taught us is that funding matters, peer groups matter, and segregation matters. So let's tackle the real problems in schools. What if reform was built around helping our neediest kids first: those in extreme poverty, those with special needs, those with emotional/behavioral problems? What if education philanthropists were bragging about giving every school a library, instead of donating to a new 'no excuses' charter? What if the Gates Foundation committed to giving every school a full-time social worker instead of their odd fixation with teacher evaluations? What if the words "integration" and "equitable funding" were as quick to roll off the tongues of the elite and powerful as the words 'choice' and 'charters'?"

Couldn't have said it better myself.

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